Meet David

 A Commitment to Lexington

David’s family and roots are right here in Lexington. This is where he grew up and his kids attend local public grade schools just like he did. He knows how important it is to make our city the best possible place for children to grow up in. That starts with keeping our people and our neighborhoods safe.

As mayor, David will be focused on making the city the best place possible for Lexingtonians to live good lives. Whether it is by making our streets safer, creating job opportunities by stimulating economic growth, or protecting our vulnerable populations, he is fully devoted to Lexington and making it a better and safer place for everyone.

david kloiber

A Strong History

As head of his family’s foundation, David supports many projects to improve Lexington’s communities, with a focus on areas that impact children, such as technology and education. Through grants and collaborations – like microgrants to teachers for needed classroom supplies –  David has worked to improve both the infrastructure and the tools that the youth of Lexington use to learn, grow and play. 


While there are many wonderful and unique places to live, I know in my heart that Lexington is a part of me, and that it will be the best possible place for me to live, work, and to raise my children.

As a city councilmember, David is committed to solving the problems we face as a community no matter what form they take. With a respect for tradition and an open mind towards the future, he strongly believes there is nothing we cannot tackle so long as we work together. While on the council, David has been a leader in securing funds to give hero pay to frontline workers, addressing gentrification, banning the use of no-knock warrants, and protecting trees from unnecessarily being cut down.

Additionally, David has vast private-sector experience that has brought opportunities to Lexingtonians. With both management and investing experience, he understands not only job creation and how to manage a budget, but how to ultimately get things done.