Building a Safer Lexington for All

A New Plan for a Safer Lexington

Lexington needs a new approach to the rising violence in our city, and David Kloiber has an initiative to accomplish just that. G.V.I. is a comprehensive framework for public safety that has been proven to be effective at reducing violence in cities all over the country.  If you are interested in reviewing in depth details of this plan please check out the resources at  There are over 20 years worth of peer reviewed evidence supporting the effectiveness of this program, so instead of detailing everything, below we outline several specific implementations David Kloiber will bring to Lexington as Mayor.

Steering Committee - Community-Accountable Policing

With the implementation of GVI, David Kloiber intends to create a steering committee to oversee the new community-oriented model. This group of appointed public safety policy experts, police, elected officials, and community leaders will directly vote on any proposed changes to our current policies. This takes these important policy decisions out of the hands of any one individual and ensures that the community has a direct voice in the law enforcement process.

Community Partnerships - Preventing the spread of violence

For GVI to be effective the government needs to facilitate the creation of community partnerships that allow the police to directly refer people to organizations that can help them. As Mayor, David Kloiber intends to create robust partnerships with nonprofits, social service providers, and community leaders so that these groups can work hand in hand with our law enforcement officials to help those who are stuck in patterns of violence.

While the reasons for violence can be many and varied, this initiative aims to reduce violent crime by preventing the second, third, and fourth incident of violence that happens in response to the first. By identifying groups that have been involved in incidents and working with communities to monitor these activities we can prevent violence that stems from an initial altercation.

IPVI - Addressing Domestic Violence

While GVI is one of the most talked about initiatives that the National Network for Safe Communities advocates for, there is another equally valuable program that David Kloiber intends to bring to Lexington as Mayor. Intimate Partner Violence Intervention (IPVI) follows the same structure as GVI in creating partnerships between law enforcement, community members, social service providers, and victim’s advocates, but the focus of these partnerships is to remove the burden of preventing violence from the victim. Strong enforcement actions are used to deter and incapacitate the most dangerous offenders, while close partnerships with victim’s advocates ensure victims have access to support structures to prevent further harm.


Our world has changed greatly in the last few years and we must change along with it. As Mayor, David Kloiber will bring in new prevention models like GVI and IPVI while creating a steering committee to oversee the programs into the future.

This model of public safety is a shift away from policing strategies that lead to the over-policing of minority and lower-income communities. So while we cannot expect to end all violence, implementation of this program is the first step towards building a community of greater trust between residents and police, while creating robust partnerships that will reduce the bloodshed.

Retention & Training

Lexington has one of the best police training programs in the state, maybe in the country. We need to work to make sure the officers we so highly train stay here.

We need to work towards a 36-month buyout on new recruit contracts to make sure our highly trained recruits are incentivized to stay here as long as possible.  Additionally, we need to implement the Executive Drop Pension Program which will allow us to retain officers who currently qualify for retirement, reduce costs to the City, and provide with a lump sum bonuses upon retirement.