David Kloiber Family

My Voice – My Vision

My family and I live here in the 6th District of Lexington. We not only love where we live, but also the people we associate with in this unique and amazing city.

I’m running for a position on the District Council so that I can serve the citizens of Lexington with both integrity and an ability to build bridges from one community to the next. 

Our Kentucky state motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” and even in uncertain times, this phrase holds a powerful truth.  As a single person, there are many things beyond our control, which is why I constantly strive to strengthen my connections to the people and communities around me.  

I humbly recognize that if I wish for my children to have a better future, I must work with my neighbors, friends, and community leaders to build a better environment for all of our children.

That is why, for this campaign and for however long I’m able to serve, I’ve adopted the motto: Together for Tomorrow.