David is focused on making the city the best place possible for Lexingtonians to live good lives.

Whether it is by making our streets safer, creating job opportunities by stimulating economic growth, or protecting our vulnerable populations, he is fully devoted to Lexington and making it a better and safer place for everyone. 

A Place Everyone Can Call Home

People are getting pushed out of their communities and can’t even afford to buy new homes in town. We need to look at every opportunity.

Open to Opportunity

Lexington has changed, but has a long-held identity as a place that welcomes new opportunities while keeping traditions close.  

Building a Safer Lexington for All

Gun violence is increasing in Lexington. Amid calls from faith groups, families of victims, and community members, it is time for meaningful change.

Partnerships with Schools

Our schools are the cornerstone of our communities. This fact has been illustrated time and time again, but more so during the pandemic we’ve recently faced.